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Andrew Christian Halloween Costume Contest Contestants ROUND 2

Almost 1 Day away from our Halloween Costume Contest is over! This is your chance to win $500 Gift Certificate from Andrew Christian! Submit your photos to by Thursday 11/01 at 12PM P.S.T for your chance to win!

Click below to see other photos that have been submitted:

Halloween Costume Contest!

Email a photo of your costume that includes Andrew Christian underwear. We will be uploading a Halloween album and one fan will win a $500.00 gift card!

To buy the cop in this photo (total cost $32)

Underwear (Now 20% off) $19.20: 

Cop Hat $8.00: 

Batton $3.99:

To buy the  Gay Boy Bunny costume (total cost $36)

Underwear $19.20 (now 20% off): 24

Bunny Tail $6.99: 

Bunny Ears $3.99: ears

Cuffs $5.99:

Candy Necklace $1.49:

To buy the Viking costume (total cost $36)

Underwear (Now 20% off) $19.20 24.00

Helmet $12.99: 

Sword $2.99:

To buy the Cow Boy costume (total cost $49)

Underwear (Now 20% off) $18.0: 

Cowboy Hat $12.00:

Toy Gun & Holster Set $16.50:

Red Bandana $2.49:

To buy the footBALL Costume (total cost $35)

Underwear(Now 20% off)$11.20:

Football Pads $8.99:

Football $14:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=f41b66b96221fbec&bpcl=35466521&biw=1920&bih=936&tch=1&ech=1&psi=m36AULz5L6bHiwL4v4DwAg.1350598300151.5&sa=X&ei=oH6AUPKiNuGdiAKG04CABg&ved=0CKYBEPMCMAU

To buy the Hugh Costume  (total cost $117 BIG PIMPIN)

Robe With Pipe $48.56:

Pants $68.00:

To buy the Dalmation Costume (Total Cost $48):

Underwear (Now 20% off) $18:

Dalmation hat $12:

Bad to the Bone Collar $6.99:

Bad to the Bone Leash $10.99:

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